Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

Drawing at Shrewsbury Cartoon festival

Drawing at Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival. (Photo ©

It was a great pleasure to be asked to take part and draw a Big Board Cartoon at the Shrewsury Cartoon Festival this year. If you don’t know (and why would you) a big board cartoon is drawn and painted on a canvas measuring roughly 8′ x 4′ over the course of a day in front of the public in the town square. As it was the 13th festival the theme this year was ‘LUCK’. My idea was that some people can make their own luck.

Shrewsbury big board cartoon in progressShrewsbury big board cartoon finishedIt’s estimated over 5000 people braved an unusually freezing Saturday to visit the festival. Because I’d made a football match that was happening on the day part of my cartoon I had to hang around until the very bitter end to put the final score in. Fortunately the kind hearted Rich Skipworth loaned me a pair of gloves to stop at least my hands shaking.

It was a great weekend and like any of these events the best part of it all is meeting up with old brilliant funny Cartooning friends and meeting brand new brilliant funny Cartooning friends. I finally got to meet the smashing Steve Bright, after years of knowing him on the Cartoonist Club forums, and also Hilary Price the cartoonist behind the excellent strip ‘Rhymes With Orange‘.

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