Brexit cartoon - Vote Romaine

Leaf or Romaine

A food based Brexit cartoon in the run up to the UK’s European Referendum. Just for fun… and then the...

Hipster Lunch

I had this one out for submission in the summer but I’ve since seen something a bit similar on the...

Jester Cover - vegetable cartoon by Chris Williams

Turnip ‘n Tuck

Vegetable cartoon cover for November's issue of The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain's magazine "The Jester"

REAL ALE cartoon by freelance cartoonist Chris Woilliams

Real Ale – A barred cartoon

A slightly surreal real ale gag that has been barred... well sort of.

Guilty Chistmas Dinner

Bit of a turkey.

Really it's enough to put you off your Christmas Dinner.

Bespoke restaurant cartoon Colouring in sheets

Colouring in

This year I had a nice commission illustrating kids colouring sheets for new restaurant in Brighton.

Come Dino with me!

My entry for this weeks Cartoonist Club competition. This week it was a theme rather than a caption - VEGETARIANISM. Some people wash the car but this is what I do on Sunday mornings.