Valentine’s Day

Cartoon- Florist Shop. Outside flowers are dead and wilting due to new Brexit Border checks

Brexit Valentine

New border checks for food and plants came into effect at the end of January thanks to Brexit. Expect delays...

'Why do birds suddenly appear' - romantic cartoons

Worm Serenade

In the spirit of Valentines Day I thought I’d post this cartoon that wormed its way into Private Eye early...

Valentines Day card available on Thortful

Thortful Valentines Cards

A couple of Valentines Day cards of mine are now available for sale over on Thortful.  

Love at first sight - Doctor and Nurse

Love on the Wards

This is what happens when Doctors and Nurses fall in love.

Love and Rejection - Romantic cover for The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain magazine

Love and Rejection (slips)

I was asked to do the cover for the 'Love' themed February issue of The Jester (The monthly magazine of The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain).

Valentine's day card

Happy Valentine’s

Couldn't find anything at the petrol station this year so....

Desert Island Valentine cartoon

Love From ?

It had to happen sooner or later didn’t it! A desert island cartoon. In my defence it was for a...