In a change to the schedules

20 days of National mourning following the death of Her Majesty The Queen and the TV schedulers are getting a...

New Normal People Cartoon

Galway Cartoon Festival

After all the festival and convention cancellations due to the pandemic this year its a great to see the Galway...

mortimer and whitehouse gone fishing cartoon

Gone Phishing

This is almost fan art really, I love Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing  Since I stumbled across it’s first episode, watching...

RIP Barry Chuckle

Thanks for the Chuckle

Obituary cartoon for Old school Children’s TV legend Barry Chuckle (Chuckle Brothers, Chucklevision) who passed away at the weekend.

Sherlock Holmes Birthday Card

Sherlock’s Birthday Gift

A Birthday Card for Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman fans. You can get it directly from myself (drop me an...

Female Doctor Who cartoon

Doctor’s Appointment

After hinting that the next Doctor  could possibly be a woman every time the roles has become available since the 1980s…. they...

Mr Mad Men

Mr.Mad Men

One of my favourite shows Mad Men returns in the US this weekend after 17 months away.