bent iphone6

Bendy iPhone 6

*psssssst* Can I interest you in an iPhone 6 cartoon guv? Oh dear, seems the latest iPhone release has received some complaints as users found them bending in their pockets.

Amazon drone cartoon.

Amazon drone delivery takes off

A news cartoon about Amazon testing drones for deliveries. Could cause some confusion if it takes off.

Ray Dolby - "Lovely funeral Vicar, Some really nice speakers." cartoon by Chris Williams

Stereochronic cartoon

Ray Dolby, the audio pioneer whose name became synonymous with home sound systems and cinema passes away aged 80.

Looks like it was a Hewlett-Packard Chief - 3D printer gun cartoon by cartoonist Chris Williams

Used Cartridges

A quick news cartoon about the world's first gun made with 3D printer technology being successfully fired in the US. Within two days the blueprints had been downloaded 100,000 times!

Whoa! I had no idea you could do that with a phone!

Phoney kids

Sometimes you can tell when a cartoonist has kids.

Jester Cover - vegetable cartoon by Chris Williams

Turnip ‘n Tuck

Vegetable cartoon cover for November's issue of The Cartoonists Club of Great Britain's magazine "The Jester"