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Chris Williams or ‘Dink’ (oh ‘ello that’s me), is a freelance cartoonist based in Liverpool, England. Available for commission on business and personal projects and has been published in the UK and abroad. Chris is also a serving committee member of The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain.

Chris likes nights out, a good sense of humour, has all his own teeth and is looking for a … oh… no… ‘ang on…wait… that’s for a different website.

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bag for life cartoon

Bag for Life

From this month shoppers in England are now being charged 5p for every plastic bag given out at supermarkets and...

Hipster Lunch. (With filter obviously).

Hipster Lunch

I had this one out for submission in the summer but I’ve since seen something a bit similar on the...

Old Terminator New Catchphrase

Old Terminator New Catchphrase

Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to play The Terminator at age 68 in the new movie ‘Terminator Genisys“. I’m wondering how they...

Ok I'll talk - mime cartoon

I’ll talk!

Here’s an old one of mime.. erm mine that I found whilst rummaging in the folders. I’m not sure why...


Political Photo Op

What is it about politicians? As soon as an election is announced they’re falling over themselves trying to convince us...

bent iphone6

Bendy iPhone 6

*psssssst* Can I interest you in an iPhone 6 cartoon guv? Oh dear, seems the latest iPhone release has received some complaints as users found them bending in their pockets.