Our man in Havaianas -cartoon

Spy High Fashion

Another Spy cartoon! ‘Our Man in Havaianas’ Released from my classified archives in time for summer.. a bit like my flip...

Brexit cartoon - Vote Romaine

Leaf or Romaine

A food based Brexit cartoon in the run up to the UK’s European Referendum. Just for fun… and then the...

Drawing at Shrewsbury Cartoon festival

Shrewsbury Cartoon Festival

It was a great pleasure to be asked to take part and draw a Big Board Cartoon at the Shrewsury...

Bookaneer - World Book Day Pirate cartoon

Bookaneer – World Book Day

Cartoon for World Book Day. Although I guess it could also double for International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

darth-vaper star wars cartoon

Modern Star Wars

I was a bit excited to see the new Star Wars film and see how they would update it for...

Marley and Me Christmas

Marley Christmas

I’ve got a list of Christmas cartoon ideas in my notebook and every year it grows bigger and bigger as I’m...

bag for life cartoon

Bag for Life

From this month shoppers in England are now being charged 5p for every plastic bag given out at supermarkets and...

Ok I'll talk - mime cartoon

I’ll talk!

Here’s an old one of mime.. erm mine that I found whilst rummaging in the folders. I’m not sure why...

bent iphone6

Bendy iPhone 6

*psssssst* Can I interest you in an iPhone 6 cartoon guv? Oh dear, seems the latest iPhone release has received some complaints as users found them bending in their pockets.