Brexit fairy tale cartoon

Fairy Tales of Europe

So many Brexits to choose from it seems. Great British Brexit! Red White and Blue Brexit! Hard Brexit! Soft Brexit!...

The Jester cover

Childcare cover

I was very pleased to be asked to do another cover for The Cartoonists’ Club of Great Britain‘s magazine The...

hipster Easter bunny


‘Happy Easter’ A Hipster Easter Bunny from a card I did last year.

clickbait Moses cartoon

Clickbait Moses

These days you cant move on the internet for clickbait news stories and lifestyle articles based on lists. You know...

social media echo chamber cartoon

Social Media Echo Chambers

A problem with Social media is that we surround ourselves with like minded people and retweet news stories that enforce...

Grim Reaper George Michael cartoon

Choose Life

Goodbye to 2016. A year that will be remembered rightly or wrongly as the year of celebrity deaths. It felt...

Tinder Tailor Soldier Spy

Tinder Tailor Soldier Spy

  An updated Spy Classic. ‘Tinder Tailor Soldier Spy’. This appeared in Private Eye last year.

Star Trek cartoon - Good day to dry

Boldly Going Going GONE!

  Earlier this month I took part in a charity art exhibition and auction paying tribute to the 50th Anniversary of Star...

Herne Bay Cartoon Festival

Another Cartoon Festival appearance and this one was an absolute cracker! Herne Bay Cartoon Festival took place over the last...