Kim Jong-il cartoon

It started with a tweet

This one started with a tweet and facebook status of mine that seemed to go down well about the death of Kim Jong-il.

Draw Hellboy!

Draw Hellboy

Quick bit of fun for the twitter meme #drawHellboy

Guilty Chistmas Dinner

Bit of a turkey.

Really it's enough to put you off your Christmas Dinner.

Business Christmas Card

A business cartoon isn’t just for Christmas

A commissioned Christmas card for a marketing company who deal with Training Providers and work-based learning sector.

Flash Bang Wallop

Flash Bang Wallop

I won 'The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain' caption competition at last *phew*

Tablet Advent Calendar

Tablet Calendar

I had to combine two things here, Health and Christmas. I'd just started a course of antibiotics at the start of December, they were to be my Advent Calendar.

Bespoke restaurant cartoon Colouring in sheets

Colouring in

This year I had a nice commission illustrating kids colouring sheets for new restaurant in Brighton.

Remember me? Cat and Mouse cartoon

Payback time

Another set caption and the age old Cat and Mouse scenario.

I always thought that was just a figure of speech

Even educated fleas do it!

I been a bit too busy to update the site for a while so there’s a backlog of stuff I’ll...