Remember me? Cat and Mouse cartoon

Payback time

Another set caption and the age old Cat and Mouse scenario.

I always thought that was just a figure of speech

Even educated fleas do it!

I been a bit too busy to update the site for a while so there’s a backlog of stuff I’ll...

Come Dino with me!

My entry for this weeks Cartoonist Club competition. This week it was a theme rather than a caption - VEGETARIANISM. Some people wash the car but this is what I do on Sunday mornings.

This super-injunction hereby prohibits any speculation or enquiry as to the identity of my client The B*****d in the Black

Another football super-injunction!

Tree cartoon

He’s in publishing you know.

Cartoon for the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain's newletter 'The Jester'. The theme for June was 'Flowers and Trees'. Nearly had me stumped... see stumped.. oh forget it.

Amy Winehouse caricature

Amy Winehouse

Cat and Mouse romance cartoon

The forbidden love

Desert Island Valentine cartoon

Love From ?

It had to happen sooner or later didn’t it! A desert island cartoon. In my defence it was for a...

Ventriloquist Dummy cartoon

Oh Gugger!