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Desert Island Valentine cartoon

Love From ?

It had to happen sooner or later didn’t it! A desert island cartoon. In my defence it was for a...

Ventriloquist Dummy cartoon

Oh Gugger!

I see management bonuses remain unaffected this year

Christmas Bonus

It’s always the workers who suffer isn’t it…

Reindeer Employment Tribunal cartoon

Reindeer Tribunal

This is one of those cases where you’re thinking as you are drawing “Surely someone has done this before?” They...

Sir Alan Sugar caricature

I don’t need YOU!

How many apprentices does he need and where do they all go? You never see the winner in the next...

Adrian Chiles


Adrian Chiles caricature.

Would you like to Gift Aid it

Would you like to Gift Aid it?

I think Halloween is too commercial these days, don’t you?

Pac Man Ghost Hallowwen

Halloween Ghost

Geeky Trick or Treat.

Woolworths Halloween illustration


An illustration produced for Woolworth's online Halloween promotions. I was probably channeling my comic heroes Ken Reid and Reg Parlett.